Our guest bloggers have been AMAZING!!!!!!! WOW! Thank you, Brittany, Ellen, Norene, and Jocelyn!

Today is a bit different. We are taking over Twitter. Meet Lynne, Katie, Joana, Michal, Shannon, and me at 12:30 PM (EST) for more tricks, tips, support, and FUN! We can’t wait to see you there! Follow the hashtag #ReVISIONweek2022.

Feel. Write. Risk.

Lauren, Joana, Katie, Lynne, Michal, and Shannon


8 thoughts on “#ReVISIONweek 2022 Day Six: TWITTER TAKEOVER!

  1. I’m not a Twitter-er, but was able to read back through the comments after the event. Some GREAT tidbits of INSPIRATION! THANK YOU!!!

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