Welcome to our 2nd #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day of the year! HOORAY!

Pull out a manuscript (or two) and get ready to PACK YOUR PAGE SPREADS!

When we ensure that each page spread is as strong as possible, we craft manuscripts that are satisfying and riveting. You can use the following pinwheel as a guide:

As the pinwheel shows, you can check to see that each page spread has the following components as you revise:

⬜ Visual Language/Illustrator Bait

⬜ Increasing Tension

⬜ If Appropriate to Your Manuscript’s Structure: Escalating Attempts

⬜ Movement and/or Scene Change

⬜ Details That Move the Narrative Arc Forward

⬜ Lyrical Language Devices (Like Consonance, Assonance, the Rule of Three, etc)

⬜ Slowed Pacing as Necessary

⬜ Faster Pacing as Necessary

⬜ A Satisfying Page Turn That Leads the Reader Into the Next Spread

I hope this helps you pack each page with rich, detailed, and intriguing tidbits that:

move your narrative arc forward,

highlight your character’s rich personality,

support smooth pacing,

hone in on your emotional arc,

and craft a manuscript that knocks agents’ and editors’ socks off!

And now for prizes:

If you spend time revising today (any amount of time will do), you can enter the Rafflecopter to win one of these fabulous prizes!

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You will have until Sunday, the 11th to enter so don’t delay! Winners will be announced on Monday, April 12th.

Happy Revising Everyone!

Feel. Write. Risk.

Lauren, Joana, Katie, Lynne, Michal, and Shannon

21 thoughts on “2021 #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #2: PACK YOUR PAGE SPREADS

  1. So happy to see this tune-up day as I am trying to round out the arcs and language of two very different manuscripts! Thank you–love the pinwheel to use for reference.

  2. Thank you for doing this. For my current story, I’ve been thinking a lot about movement/scene changes. The main character needs to go in and out of his house, but I don’t want to waste precious words describing the transition. It’s hard to get the balance right.

  3. Love this pinwheel! Today, I’ve been revising a WIP I got several critiques on last week. This is a great lens to lay over the revising I’ve already done and see where I need to focus my attention next!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pinwheel! I revised a poem today and revising (in my mind) other stories that I’ll get to soon. It’s my son’s birthday, so it’s been a busy day. 🙂

  5. THANK YOU, Lauren! These Tune-up Days really keep us on our toes! And what an important topic to keep in mind as we revise. I CAN’T WAIT to give the wheel a turn. Actually, I was revising EVEN BEFORE it was bright and early this morning, but I’m going to go back through with page spreads in mind this time around. THANK YOU!!!

  6. Love these tips! Your visual display makes it so much easier to grasp these points and see how they all tie together. 🙂 Thank you!

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