Quick-Read Crafty Tips: 2021 #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #1

Do you hear that sound?

No, it’s not Rosie and Charlie playing superheroes.


It’s not Calvin clunking up the steps of another new house.


And it’s not Lillybelle refusing to be in distress.


Do you hear that sound?

It’s the sound of people cheering as they gear up for our first #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day of 2021!


Moldilocks is sipping and slurping tea as she prepares.


U is jumping high with excitement because…


On January 20th, we’ll immerse ourselves in revision magic! Please add your name to the comments below if you’d like to join us. Don’t forget to make sure you’re following Lauren’s blog. And as a special treat for this month’s Tune-Up Day, we’ll share two short videos that are chock-full of revision tips!

As always, we’ll have PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES just for participating. If you spend at least a few minutes thinking about revisions, you can enter to win.

Chewie thinks best when playing ball. What helps you think best?


Tabitha and Fritz have a purrfect idea. They’re trading places for a change of scenery. Surely that will help their creativity.


So, don’t delay.

Capture your creative spark.

Make some noise!

Spread the word!

And rev your revision engines because #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #1 is about to begin!

Feel. Write. Risk.

Lauren, Joana, Katie, Lynne, Michal, and Shannon

(P.S. Please join Lauren Kerstein and Natalia Moore on February 7th at 2:00 pm (MST) as they help Calvin find his home for a while with storytime, an art demonstration, and a video about the journey of a picture book!

60 thoughts on “Quick-Read Crafty Tips: 2021 #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #1

  1. Oh my gosh, is it too late? I had it on my calendar and still missed it. Incidentally, I finally found the subscribe button at the bottom of the page, but it isn’t clicking through to anything. I’ve tried on several post pages. What am I doing wrong to subscribe? Thanks

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