#ReVISIONweek 2020: Bite-Sized Revision Tips to Fuel Your Creative Spirit

YIKES! 2020 has surely been… well… a s**t show!

There, I said it. I feel better now.

Given the fact that we are living in the twilight zone, we know that everyone’s plates are OVERFLOWING. Writing may feel like an uphill climb. And yet, we must keep climbing… together. Writing is persistence. Creativity is critical. Children (and adults) NEED our stories.

And so…

#ReVISIONweek 2020 MUST go on… but, in a scaled-back, manageable way.

This year, you will receive a plateful of bite-sized revision strategies via tweets and blog posts.

This is a pressure-free, judgement-free zone! Revise a little or revise a lot. Whatever works for you is OUTSTANDING!

Here is a calendar of events.

And we will have prizes! LOTS of prizes! Critiques, consultations, and more! If you’d like to participate and be eligible for a fantastic prize, please sign up below.

Lauren, Joana, Katie, Lynne, Michal, and Shannon look forward to a week of supporting each other, sparking creativity, and making revision magic together.

In the words of Charlie, “you’ve got this.”

Feel. Write. Risk.


P.S. September is also a special month because Joana is launching Lillybelle into the world and Lauren is celebrating Rosie and Charlie’s next adventure. We can’t wait to share these #bookbirthdays with you! RSVP here for Rosie and Charlie’s Bedtime Bash: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/book-launch-with-lauren-kerstein-nate-wragg-tickets-116532242073  .

115 thoughts on “#ReVISIONweek 2020: Bite-Sized Revision Tips to Fuel Your Creative Spirit

  1. This is great. It will pair well with my online Highlights Retreat, Inspiration and Perspiration with Debbie Ohi and Heidi Stemple. I even rented a place to get away for a long weekend.

    I received a critique from Michal from a previous reVision event. It was spot on, thoughtful, and gave me just what I needed to revise and improve upon a story close to my heart. Thank you Michal for the critique. Thank you Lauren and group for continuing to move forward and being such great encouragers.

    • Hi Sarah! I am thrilled this will pair well with your online Highlights Retreat. It sounds terrific! Debbie Ohi and Heidi Stemple are fabulous! And I hope you enjoy the getaway.

      Michal is a fantastic critiquer. I am so happy to hear how helpful her critique was. I look forward to working together on our revising throughout the week. It is so much fun to host!

  2. Bite-sized revisions makes sense! It would make the revision process less overwhelming. Great idea!

  3. Lauren, I’m looking forward to your launch! My new Rosie and Charlie book arrived yesterday, but since I’m moving in 10 days, the first one is already in a box so they won’t be side by side until I unpack!
    Looking forward to September and getting back into writing. Yay!

  4. Can’t wait! I loved it last year and the tune-up days, and bite-sized for this year sounds perfect. Thanks for putting this on!

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  7. I thought I signed up, but I don’t see it, so I’ll comment again (of course, I don’t remember what happened yesterday, let alone a month ago…) Excited!

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