QUICK-READ CRAFTY TIPS: Get Ready for #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #3

Hello ReVISIONweek-ers! We hope you’re all holding steady during this uncertain and upside-down time.

Our 3rd #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day is May 13th. We’re excited to revise with you! We hope the opportunity to carve out a morsel of creative time might be a welcome distraction right now.

And, WOW do we have a wonderful treat for you! Author Laura Lavoie is our guest blogger, and she’s writing a post about revising with funny and punny in mind. We are thrilled! Laura is a master at writing funny puns.

tonight show laughing GIF

As always, we are offering prizes, prizes, and more prizes including critiques and Zoom chats! Sign up in the comments below, and then be sure to comment on Laura’s blog post for a chance to win.

And now for a Quick-Read Crafty Tip. There are many parts and pieces to consider as you revise. I have a more comprehensive chart on my website: https://laurenkerstein.net/critiques%2Ftemplates. I also created this handy dandy graphic to help you as you pick apart your manuscript, and piece it back together again … and again… and again.

Untitled presentation

We’ll see you May 13th!

Feel. Write. Risk.

Lauren, Joana, Katie, Michal, Lynne, and Shannon

(P.S. If you’re around this morning at 10:30 AM (MST), Rosie the dragon, Charlie, and I are doing Storytime with our beloved local Indie bookstore, Second Star to the Right. Hop on, join the fun! Hangout at meet.google.com/xsm-pcjk-dce)


23 thoughts on “QUICK-READ CRAFTY TIPS: Get Ready for #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day #3

  1. Yay! Love these days and can’t wait to read about funny and punny revisions!! Thank you for putting these on!

  2. I can’t wait to learn more about being funny and puns. That’s a great graphic you created too.

  3. Hi, just found you guys, I have a story that can use some revision. In fact I’ve been working it for the past 2 weeks. Just joined the blog. Glad to be here.

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