#ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day Wrap Up and Prizes

Greetings, #ReVISIONweek-ers!

We hope you had an enriching and productive Tune-Up Day. Whether you revised for a moment, or spent the entire day immersed in revision tasks, CONGRATULATIONS! Revision is hard and you accepted the challenge!

DreamWorks Animation friends panda kung fu dreamworks GIF

Thank you again to The Cuddlefish Gang for your words of wisdom.

Joana Pastro, Katie Frawley, Lynne Marie, Michal Babay, Shannon Stocker, and I are offering critiques to six lucky winners. Please make sure you commented on yesterday’s blog post, and worked on revisions. Then you can enter our Rafflecopter giveaway. The Rafflecopter will be open until 1/26/2020 at 12:00 am (EST).

Finally, please remember:

There is no recipe for the perfect manuscript.

Image result for printable editable printable recipe card template

But if you add:



Hard Work

Unique Voice


Visual Language




You just might cook up a delicious story!

cake smile GIF

In the words of Charlie, “You’ve got this!”

We’ll see you on March 4, 2020 for our next #ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day.

Until then…

Feel. Write. Risk.
– Lauren, Joana, Shannon, Michal, Lynne, and Katie


28 thoughts on “#ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day Wrap Up and Prizes

  1. I needed a Tune-Up day so badly! This fun exercise made me actually set aside time and commit to revision, which is something I can easily put off. Thank you for making me accountable – I plan to schedule time more often, for specific types of revising, brainstorming, researching AND writing. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. I wrote a draft the day before hoping to revise, but ended revising something else. So I got a lot of writing done. Thanks Lauren!

  3. I had putting of making a dummy of this particular story for YEARS. Yesterday I sat down and did it, thanks to Kaz Windness’s advice to be ok with stick figures! AND I found I could indeed delete and entire page. I already feel like a winner.

  4. Thanks for the motivation! Sickness and schedules got in the way yesterday, but revising is on my schedule for today!

  5. This was great! I love pushing myself. I am putting out into the universe that if I am by chance a lucky winner. A critique with any of you would be wonderful. A critique session with Lynne Marie would be super extra special because of the adoption connection.
    I look forward to doing it again next month.

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